For Property 

For Property

Britain is a nation of home owners and our affinity to property extends beyond the home. Since the economic turmoil of 2008 people have turned to property as an investment, as a pension, as a way of holding and building their wealth. We are now a nation of casual, or accidental, landlords.

However, when it comes to succession for property portfolios, it seems that many have jumped in with reckless abandon. A property portfolio should offer genuine, long-term value for the person creating it, for their family and for future generations. Without thought and consideration in how to develop your portfolio you could sacrifice 40% when passing it onto your heirs, before they can inherit anything from your estate.

Often people will begin to build a property portfolio, and can successfully amass several £million pounds in wealth in property. It is only then that they realise they are unlikely to ever call upon the capital, and will ultimately aim to leave it to their heirs.

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