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Mayfair Estate Planning offers a highly personal service to individuals, families and businesses, where we take the time to get to know our clients and truly understand their circumstances. We help educate them on their circumstances, taking a holistic approach and taking into consideration the needs and concerns of three generations of the family.

We are able to help identify any liabilities or areas of vulnerability to enable our client to establish a solid base or foundation. We then seek to add value as our clients build their estates, always helping them align each decision and component of the estate with an underlying strategy to help meet their short, medium and long-term goals.

Personnel and Technical Expertise

Although estate planning is an unregulated profession, Mayfair Estate Planning chooses to be self-regulated through membership of the Society of Will Writers. All client facing Mayfair Estate Planning consultants have law degrees and a well-based knowledge of the law. They are also compliant and up-to-date on industry standards through Certification with the College of Will Writing. All advice given is covered with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

In order to provide holistic solutions to our clients we work with a range of businesses and professionals. All are qualified, indemnified and regulated by their relevant governing body. All have also met a competency and capability standard before they are approved Strategic Partners.

Professional Associates

The relationship Mayfair Estate Planning has with a client is often broad and a multitude of areas can be covered on a conceptual level. However, when the time comes to address specific areas, often the skills and technical knowledge of experts is needed. This can range from legal advice, to tax advice, to financial advice, to business consultancy, to international relations, etc.

Mayfair Estate Planning has established and maintains healthy relationships with a range of professionals and businesses who can bring added value to our clients. We can also work with a range of professionals and businesses to ensure that advice given is consistent with the estate planning strategy being implemented.

Corporate Offering

In any business, the workforce is one of your major assets! Mayfair Estate Planning offers a free, no obligation service to companies that care about their members and wish to demonstrate a desire to look after their employees by offering a one hour, free, confidential review of their circumstances.

This is an opportunity to talk about any areas of uncertainty or concern they may have for themselves or a member of their extended family. Often the younger generation ends up caring for elderly relatives, causing a great deal of stress, apprehension and anxiety. Mayfair Estate Planning is there to offer support during challenging times.


London is a hub for business, finance and culture. Working and living in a multicultural community brings with it a range of challenges, nuances and complexities.

Mayfair Estate Planning works with nationals from many countries and continents helping to ensure that our clients consider the international element and how it interacts with their UK estate. We have a broad network of international professional relationships and are experienced in dealing with more than one jurisdiction.


Edward Hewitt

Managing Director Edward Hewitt graduated from the university of Reading in 2009 with a Bachelors Degree in Law and three years of experience working in an estate planning firm. His experience working within the business, running events to educate clients on a range of estate planning issues, vulnerabilities and sometimes innovative solutions, gave him excellent exposure to a range of professionals and businesses, some of whom he still works with today.

Working initially on the corporate side, Edward began to build his professional network of strategic partners who help add value to Mayfair Estate Planning’s offering, enabling Mayfair to support clients with a holistic approach and add value to individuals and businesses who are actively building their estates, particularly in property and the SME market.

Edward was mentored for two years on the intricacies of estate planning, with a particular focus on inheritance tax planning for larger estates, business succession planning for family businesses and long term care planning for elderly clients.

In 2012 Edward established Mayfair Estate Planning. Since that time he has continued to develop his professional network bringing together technical expertise and personal service and combining it with a strategic approach to estate planning, with a focus on clients with significant property interests and family businesses.

Contact Edward:

Tel: +44 (0) 7712 331 233

Email: e.hewitt@mayfairestateplanning.co.uk

William Hewitt

William Hewitt

William Hewitt is the Head of Corporate Development for Mayfair Estate Planning. Over a career spanning more than 35 years he has gained experience in retail management, financial services and business development. William now works with businesses providing information and guidance covering a wide range of business issues.

Contact William:

Tel: +44 (0) 7703 856 289

Email: w.hewitt@mayfairestateplanning.co.uk